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Philanthropists, educators, and parents from across the globe that believe in order to be competitive in a global market, our education forums (ie: colleges, universities, pre-college, and study abroad programs) must be as diverse as the world in which we live.

The Foundation for Global Education is a non-profit agency that promotes international education and cultural exchange. The FGE’s mission is to enhance education through international educational programs that promote cross cultural exchange and global awareness.  The FGE is committed to promoting international education and cultural exchange. Through providing volunteer, internship and precollege programs, the FGE helps foster and strengthen cross-cultural awareness and understanding while providing a rich learning experience for our student participants.

The FGE provides education services and college-prep and career prep support through educational enrichment programs developed for students ages 15 and up. The Foundation for Global Education was created out of the desire to see all students reach his or her true potential. The FGE offers supplemental academic support through scholarships to attend long-standing pre-college summer programs, study abroad programs, and internship and volunteer programs. During FGE programs, students receive extensive assistance from program leaders, teachers, advisors, supervisors and mentors.

Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.” We are giving students the tools to build for a better tomorrow. We believe that knowledge is power. Our scholars are dedicated to education and change. They represent a diversified global market.

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